Keity Pook

(b. 1991 Haapsalu, Estonia; based in London) is a choreographer and a performer, recently finished her Master of Arts in Contemporary Dance at London Contemporary Dance School in the Postgraduate Developing Artistic Practice programme. She completed her BA in Choreography and Dance Pedagogy in 2016 at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy in Estonia, with international experience at Coventry University in England.

2015 she made a piece called Surface tension, which toured around Estonia. She also performed in Remake by Florence Peake and Permutations in the City by Neil Callaghan & Simone Kenyon, which was part of the 2015 Fierce Festival, in Birmingham. In 2016, Keity was a winner of PREMIERE` 17, a full production program for upcoming choreographers, and led residencies in Dansearena Nord, in Hammerfest (Norway) and in Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava, in Tallinn (Estonia). Through the program, she created an installation-performance 

called Synapse.

In 2018, as part of the choreography module at the London Contemporary Dance School, she created Everyday I am everything that happens in my living room to be performed at The Place Theatre. She also collaborate with Bun Kobayashi for Resolution 2019 Festival in London produced Peeling dough off the floor. In the same year, she also performed in Be fruitful and multiply at Chisenhale Dance Space by Alka Nauman.


"My favourite scenery to explore is a street with its dense layers of left behind marks. I like dark, rhythmical environments where I dance to realise, and realise to dance as I've never done before. I mix personal sensation-fragments with anonymous movements into a dance of universal truths and reflex patterns. Although I am made of it, I revolt against capitalism; I support freedom of expression and liberal thinking in individual rights aspects. I believe dance is boundless, multifaceted ways part of all existence and it’s for us to recognise its choreography. I create art to incite unambiguous thinking, to remind us of the indispensable things in life.”