Call me Doris


choreographer and performer


technical support

Keity Pook

Marina Collard, Jamie McCarthy

Seth Rook Williams

29 Nov 2017 / 1 Dec 2018 at London Contemporary Dance School;13 Jan 1018 at Platform Southwark  part of Abeerance #12

London 2017-2018

In the performance “Call me Doris” I am playing with my alter ego - Doris. She is a waitress. She is me and she is not. In a way, she is the perfect example of a working-class nature. She is the perfect worker, she is the perfect consumer, the perfect component of consumption circle.  

Doris has long  brown hair

Rarely would you see it floating around on her pale face

she always has it tied up in a bun. In bun

She doesn’t like to were a makeup

but her lifestyle insists on it

She just doesn`t like, how her face feels under the rough foundation

but  somehow it becomes her self-foundation 

base of  confidence

She carries a smile

Others could take advantage of her innocence


She is reliable


Always one step ahead


 truly in the present  

She knows how to do, what to do, where to do, when to do

She knows how to do, what to do, where to do, when to do

She knows  how to be, where to be, when to be

She knows how to behave

 She knows how others will behave, she knows 

She works hard, she works way more than me

I admire her,  she is perfect in a way she is

 She is a  co-filler

I am a  form

In an abstract world together we perform

She is a waitress



photos by Despina Pats
videos by Doris & Keity