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´My favourite scenery to explore is a street with its dense layers of left behind marks. I like dark, rhythmical environments where I dance to realise, and realise to dance as I've never done before. I mix personal sensation-fragments with anonymous movements into a dance of universal truths and reflex patterns. Although I am made of it, I revolt against capitalism. I believe dance is boundless. Its multifaceted ways are part of all existence and it is for us to recognise this choreography. I create art to incite unambiguous thinking, to remind us of the indispensable things in life.`


Keity Pook (b. 1991, Estonia) is a choreographer, performance artist, and curator working between the UK and Estonia. Her artistic research explores the individual's experience within contemporary contexts, combining natural and sociopolitical environments through a post-internet aesthetic. Her multidisciplinary art practice combines performance, choreography, installation, sound, electronic music, and historical research woven through the lens of club culture. 


She perceives each project as a personal and societal exploration tool, blending improvisation and contemporary dance techniques. Keity draws inspiration from her Estonian heritage, folklore, biosemiotics and aesthetic of cuteness as well as contemporary club music culture incorporating a state of potentiality and camp playfulness into her productions. 


She completed her BA in Choreography and Dance Pedagogy at the University of Tartu (Estonia) (2016) and graduated with an MA at the London Contemporary Dance School (2019).


Keity Pook’s works have been presented in art institutions and theatres across the UK and Europe, including The Place, APT Gallery and Studios, Resolution Festival, Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava, Old Ugala Theatre House, Tallinn Vaba Lava, FOLD (futur.shock). She has collaborated with artists such as Joe Moran, Florence Peake, and Neil Callaghan & Simone Kenyon and performed at Whitechapel Gallery, Vivid Projects, Kanuti Gildi Saal and Fierce Festival, to name a few. 


Throughout her career, she was awarded various grants, including Arts Council England (2023), DYCP award (2021), PRS Foundation and Help Musicians (2022), Tripspace Residency (2021), HELLERAU– European Centre for the Arts, Dresden (2024).


Keity is a co-founder of inklingroom, an art platform and record label, where she curates and programs interdisciplinary performances that merge contemporary dance, performance art, fashion, music and visual arts. Through her work as a curator, she aims to challenge conventional notions of art events and club nights, fostering collaboration between the art forms and pushing transformative experiences for diverse artists and audiences, making alternative ways for the temporary communities to come together.


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