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KEITY POOK (b. 1991, Haapsalu) is an Estonian, Bristol-based performance artist, choreographer, dance teacher, and movement director with a background in artistic event management and production. She completed her BA in Choreography and Dance Pedagogy at the University of Tartu and pursued an MA at the London Contemporary Dance School in 2020. Keity's artistic research delves into the individual's experience within contemporary contexts, juxtaposing natural and sociopolitical environments and often expressing it through a post-internet aesthetic.

In 2017, she was awarded the international PREMIERE Resident program for emerging choreographers, which enabled her to fund and present her full-length dance performance, "Synapse," successfully touring Estonia and Norway. Collaborating with Bun Kobayashi, they created "Peeling dough off the floor," showcased at the Resolution 2019 Festival in London. She also performed works by established artists, including Florence Peake (Vivid Projects), Neil Callaghan & Simone Kenyo (Fierce Festival), Simon Vincenzi (The Place), and Claire Filmon (Festival a Corps). Additionally, she contributed as a research dancer for Joe Moran's work "Materiality Will Be Rethought," presented at The Whitechapel Gallery.

In 2020, she co-founded 'inklingroom', an art platform that pioneers a new form of art events, blending sound, avant-garde performance, and visual arts into interdisciplinary performances in London with events around Europe. Through this platform, she conceived performances in London, such as "The Deathbed of Mother Earth" at Leytonstone Ballroom (2020), "Genre Fluid" at Space 289 (2022), and "Freak of Nature" at Fold (2023).

From 2021 to 2022, Keity curated the interactive radio show "Movement Class w/ inklingroom" on Netil Radio, featuring choreographers and dancers. During the same period, she participated in the TripSpring Residency Programme and facilitated workshops for the UK's professional dance community.

Recognizing her creative vision, Art Council England awarded Keity Pook a Creative Development fund in September 2021 for her project "Choreography to Cinematography," allowing her to coordinate an art project and produce choreography for a self-directed dance film. In 2022, she received support from Arts Council England, PRS Foundation, and Help Musicians for collaborating with electronic composer Yraki, culminating in a multidisciplinary live performance that premiered in London in February 2023.


´My favourite scenery to explore is a street with its dense layers of left behind marks. I like dark, rhythmical environments where I dance to realise, and realise to dance as I've never done before. I mix personal sensation-fragments with anonymous movements into a dance of universal truths and reflex patterns. Although I am made of it, I revolt against capitalism. I believe dance is boundless. Its multifaceted ways are part of all existence and it is for us to recognise this choreography. I create art to incite unambiguous thinking, to remind us of the indispensable things in life.`

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