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idea, director and choreography

  music by

 artistic support

  light -designer

  on stage



Keity Pook


Lee Taul, Kenn-Eerik Kannike


Lauri Mäesepp, Marko Odar 


Oliver Kulpsoo


Keity Pook, Lauri Mäesepp

Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava Tartu Uus Theatre   

Rakvere Theatre  University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy Black Box   Estonia 2017


Synapse is a visual installation piece. A symbiosis between live sound and moving body and light, exploring the phenomena of touch, while zooming into processes, which are taking place in the human body. It is a journey to our microcosmos. Carefully chosen materials form an installation, which constructions refers to the nervous system and manipulation with its structure reveals neurology processes. The climax of this piece, the creation of synapse, is the formation of a mechanical and electrically conductive link, a bond between two neurons. 


Inverted side of the installation is shown in a blackout, creating shadows by using one flashlight. Darkness and shadow have crucial importance of this piece to expand the dimension, give a subversive perspective and create the surreal space of otherworldliness. Flickering images seemingly describing experienced memories. 

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