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The deathbed of Mother Earth


Choreography Keity Pook with creative

input from performers



Dancers   Meichi Liu, Rylee Moore

Madli Paves, Kadri Sirel
Marta Stepień

 Lesya Tyminska

Leilah Smone Williams

commissioned by                                            | Leytonstone Ballroom


Maria Piva

Mariano Sibilia

Visual art

Leo Metcalf 

Light design         

Jimmy Folan 





Emilia Jabłońska


Designers   So Lulu Yang

Serafina Kruegel-Hanna 

Laura Jasiunaite
Maya Rutland  Hongjoo Yeon



Acoustic music 

Zacharias Wolfe played by Will Duerden (Double Bass) Sparsh Bajpai (Soprano)

Cyborgian goddesses returning to the land in the post-society era, they are preparing for the funeral of Mother Nature. She is not dead yet, but she is fragile. The dystopian, radical and eerily beautiful performance will take the audience into a raw encounter with the power of the goddesses.

Choreographer Keity Pook is working with hypnotic Finno-Ugric traditional folk dance, runic singing, and ritual, braided together with contemporary club culture. This interdisciplinary (installation) performance includes sound, video art, light and dance.


The deathbed  of Mother Earth

The deathbed of Mother Earth

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Photos by  Aneta Pruszynska

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