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Freak of Nature
[lusus naturae]


Choreography and Performance
Keity Pook


Visual Marketing

Maria Piva


Light design         

James Newmarch




Michal Sobkiewicz



Supported by PRS Foundation,

Help Musicians, and Arts Council England




Makeup Artist
Raphael Arcadios


Studio FCLX

commissioned by                                            | FOLD

A debut live show of London-based Italian composer Yraki with a live performance by Estonian choreographer Keity Pook. From sounds inspired by artists' synesthesia and surrendering to an 'other', the experimental composer explores sonic hybrids recalling electronic abstractions and contemporary club music mutations. 

Yraki's visualisation of sounds, seeing bodies move as asymmetrical shapes and liquid, means the process leads to a visceral experience which borders on the surreal, with both musician and choreographer exploring the kinetic capabilities of this mystical entity.  Yet, the choreography interacts not only with the sonic landscape but also embodies ancient amphibian times' nordic soul beast creature. 


Freak of Nature

Freak of Nature

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Video by Maria Piva


Photos by  Xavier Andrew

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