Permutations in the City 

A series of public performances around Birmingham city centre with an ensemble of movement based artists. Every intervention responding directly to the surrounding architecture.

A choreographic collaboration

by Neil Callaghan

Simone Kenyon

Created and Performed by


 Simone Arganini

 Neil Callaghan


Simone Kenyon

Anita Konarska

Kate Nankervis 


Keity Pook

Becky Pringle

Bow Rojviboonchai

Megan Saunders


Genvieve Say

Rebecca Thomas

Tilly Webber

Performed in

Birmingham for

Fierce Festival 2015


Commissioned by

Fierce Festival


Funded by 

Arts Council England



Produced in association with Dance4 Nottingham

Film by Kate Rowles 

Conceived in dialogue with Stefan Jovanović


The deathbed of Mother Earth

Read more THE DEADHBED OF MOTHER EARTH commissioned by inklingroom - Choreographer Keity Pook brings us into the mystery. Cyborgian goddesses returning to the land in the post-society era, they are preparing for the funeral of Mother Nature. She is not dead yet, but she is very weak. The dystopian, radical and eerily beautiful performance will take the audience into a raw encounter with the power of the goddesses. Dancers: Meichi Liu, Leilah Smone Williams, Madli Paves, Marta Stepień, Lesya Tyminska, Rylee Moore, Kadri Sirel Original music by Mariano Sibilia and original acoustic music by Zacharias Wolfe played by Will Duerden: Double Bass and Sparsh Bajpai: Soprano Original visual art by Leo Metcalf Styling: Emilia Jabłońska Designers: So Lulu Yang, Serafina Kruegel-Hanna, Laura Jasiunaite, Maya Rutland, Hongjoo Yeon Cinematography: Maria Piva Editing: Keity Pook

inklingroom, dance, contemporary dance, electronic music


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