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Photo by Tõnis Krikk

I am a choreographer, performer and dance teacher working across different disciplines including dance, performance, installation, film, and photography. In 2016 I graduated with a Choreography and Dance Pedagogy BA from the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy in Estonia, with international experience at Coventry University in England. I also have a Master of Arts in Contemporary Dance from London Contemporary Dance School. I have a background as a dance artist having studied in a variety of dance styles including contemporary dance, ballet, jazz, creative dance, creative play, physical theatre, somatic dance practices, contact improvisation, improvisation, dance & moving image, modern dance, historical dance and Estonian folk dance. Additionally, my choreographic works are shown across Europe.

I was awarded a choreographer’s residency with the Dansearena Nord, Norway and an artist’s residency with Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava in Estonia. Through the program, I created an installation-performance Synapse which toured Estonia and Norway.                                                                                 

I am experienced in working with people of all ages in professional, educational and social work settings, most recently teaching creative dance and musical theatre for young people in Fresh Arts Theatre School. I believe in nurturing a supportive and collaborative environment and in fostering potential through activities that encourage creativity, imagination, active thinking and curiosity. My main teaching method is a combination of creative dance, contemporary dance and somatic dance practices, and I like to bring improvisation into my teaching, offering fun and playful approach to dance.                                 


I see my dance classes successfully connecting movement with sensory awareness to help people to express themselves, explore feelings and connect with others. In all my dance classes and workshops, I am committed to promoting respect and wellbeing for everyone who participates.                         

Choreographer & dance teacher

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