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collaboration with composer and video artist



Roman-Sten Tõnissoo

Perception II   APT Gallery and Studios  London 2019



The installation-performance deals with different concepts of looking and seeing in two different timelines. Notions of time, space and memory are explored through movement and sound, confronted with a single projected photograph. How we understand the differences between looking and seeing is, that looking means to direct eyes and focus in a particular direction, while in order to seeing someone or something means to become aware of the “thing” itself.

We put ourselves in both positions, to look and see at the same time, yet in different timelines. The whole act deals with the possibilities to look yourself while seeing yourself as being the creator of positioning yourself and being positioned or choreographing yourself and being choreographed by yourself at the same time.

Photos by Patrica Auchterlonie  videos by Keity Pook

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